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JIG Recommended Ryokans

Turtle Inn Nikko
Turtle Inn Nikko (Tochigi)
A petit inn full of calm and homelike atmosphere. Convenient location for sightseeing (10 min. walk to Nikko Shrinese & Temples and 40 min. bus ride to Lake Chuzenji).
Sakura Ryokan
Sakura Ryokan (Tokyo)
A modern ryokan built in June 1989. Both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms are available.
Moto-Hakone Guest House
Moto-Hakone Guest House (Kanagawa)
A Cozy Japanese Family Style inn with a Bed & Breakfast service in a friendly atmosphere.
Kagetsu Ryokan
Kagetsu Ryokan(Shizuoka)
Convenient location for sightseeing in Shizuoka, which has a lot of historical monuments. Strawberry-picking is available in a strawberry farm.
Ryokan Seikan-so
Ryokan Seikan-so(Nara)
Featuring a quiet, beautiful Japanese garden. Situated in the center of Nara City. Convenient location for city sightseeing and business.
Sanukiya Ryokan
Sanukiya Ryokan(Tokushima)
Conveniently located in the center of Naruto City. Naruto is famous for Naruto Straits.

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